Terms & Conditions
An agreement to commissions purchased.

By purchasing a commission from Just Call Me Insane you agree to the following terms, conditions, and licensing in regards to the Final Product (what you, the client, have paid for and received). If you do not agree to any of these terms you will not be able to purchase a commission. A .pdf copy is available upon request.
You MUST be 18 years or older to purchase a commission from me. Anyone under this age will be turned away.
*If a commercial license or a commercial service is requested, a separate contract will be created based on the project.

The client DOES NOT retain the rights to the final product. The client MAY NOT distribute the final product for promotional material, advertising, product sales, or other commercial uses, or profit off of the image in any way.

The final product may be used by me as a work sample to show future clients, but will never be sold.

If the client would like to keep your commission private, please let me know immediately, preferrably in the beginning.

The client MAY NOT alter the final product in any way, or pay another artist to alter it. If changes are needed please contact me.

The client will receive hi-res files of the final product (.png or.jpg) for PERSONAL USE ONLY, such as printing to place on a wall at home. The client will be given a low-res version for posting on social media sites. Please do not use the hi-res file for sharing on social media.

Special Lineart Commissions
Occasionally I will open up lineart commissions through livestreams or announcements on social media. These will only be available through these announcements, and the client will only receive the low-res file. The client is allowed to color their commissioned lineart but must give credit of the drawing [lineart] to me.

Payment is due within 24 hours of starting the service. Payments will be made via Paypal Invoices. Square Invoices are available upon request. Partial payments will not be accepted except under special circumstances.

If the service is cancelled by the client midway through the project, only a partial refund will be given based on the current state of the art.

If the service is cancelled by me due to inability to work with the client or due to unreasonable requests, only a partial refund will be given based on the current state of the art.

If the service is cancelled by me due to unforseen circumstances that prevent me from doing the work in the agreed upon timeframe, a full refund will be given in addition to the latest file in a hi-res .png format.

No refunds are given at the end of the commission or after unless there is a special circumstance approved by me.

Subject Matter + Themes
Just Call Me Insane reserves the right to refuse work if the subject matter does not fit in line with the views of this business.

Some subjects I do not draw:
Adult Rated Themes
Art in the style of other artists or other specific style