What is Just Call Me Insane?

Just Call Me Insane is a character and story driven small business. Behind the scenes, it's run by some random human. In front, it's run by the infamous Insane, or Missy if you prefer a "normal" name. She creates weird characters, strange worlds, monsters, and creatures that reside deep in the core of her mind. A lot of the time they fight simultaneously to get out, which results in a chaos of creation. Meet everyone below!

This is Insane, who you can also refer to as Missy. She's where all the stories and monster ideas come from. Don't let her mask fool you, she's just as scary as she looks!

You may see these little critters around often. Referred to as Peepers, they are very kind and curious. They watch everything Insane does, and share what they see with those who join their Peeper clan.